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Mindfulness Meditation Course - begins January 30th 2019
 suitable for beginners and those wishing to refresh to renew their practice or to go deeper into the foundations of mindfulness and its positive impact on Physical emotional and mental health.  
Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living Programme - 
begins - 14th of November 2019

This eight week programme teaches about deepening your mindfulness with compassion. Suitable for those with some foundation in mindfulness who wish to deepen the practice of mindfulness in their lives. See upcoming courses for more details. 

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Mindfulness is a technique derived from meditation practice. It is about learning to observe the mind and inner world of sensations and emotions at work, without getting 'sucked into' them. The idea in mindfulness is to become more aware of reality - of the environment and things going on around us and within us which impact on us and of our response to these, whether helpful or not. 

In ordinary consciousness, attention is generally directed outwards, to some task or activity, or driven by habit.  A mindful state of consciousness is characterised by awareness turned inward, toward the present felt experience. It is passive, alert, open, curious, and exploratory. It seeks to simply 'be aware' of what is, as opposed to attempting to do or confirm anything (Johanson, 2006). 

Mindfulness teaches to attend to our experiences in the moment with curiosity, without looking back at the past or predicting future consequences, just noticing. This helps to defuse or disengage from unhelpful inner and outer stimuli. By becoming observers of our inner world, we no longer have to act on sensations, emotions or thoughts in ways that do not serve us well in our lives.  
Why would I practice? 
Research is continually being updated on the many benefits of the practice, which includes improving one's immune system and sense 
of emotional well-being, it appears to enhance  memory and creativity 
while reducing stress and anxiety. It has also been shown to greatly decrease relapse into depression, to reduce blood pressure and to help people to manage serious illness and pain! One research trial showed 
an increase of brain size in participants over an eight week period of regular practice along with other correlated improvements in their 
well being. It appears to change the way our brain works! 
See course feedback from previous course participants. 
So, how do I learn to practice and begin to build this into my everyday life in order to gain these benefits?   
By enrolling in a  Mindfulness Meditation Introductory course or Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course MBSR.  

Tell me a little more about the Mindfulness Meditation  Introductory Course?

This is suitable for anyone with an interest in experiencing the practice and the process itself. It covers the what, why and how of mindfulness, present moment awareness, anchoring on the breath, reduction of auto pilot mode and dealing with anxiety and depression mindfully. It is sufficient to get one started on the practice to begin to gain some of the benefits (see under MBSR) without demanding huge commitment from the participants. It covers a wide range of practices and sets people up for the embedding of mindfulness into the lives of the participants in the easiest way possible.  It is shorter than the MBSR course and an ideal for people wishing to begin or to get their practice back on track! 


The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course, is a course devised by Jon Kabat Zinn, the founder of the renowned Stress reduction clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center . It is now in use worldwide because of its success in helping people to manage their health and their stress filled lives. This course is internationally reknowned and acclaimed by virtue of its broadly researched and documented healing work and has benefited tens of thousands of people who’ve attended and experienced it.  

Please tell me a little more about the MBSR course?
MBSR is an 8 week intensive program used as a complement to conventional medicine in the management of a wide variety of illnesses,  pain, anxiety and depression. It allows one to mobilise ones own inner resources to promote healing and well being.  If you are interested in taking an active role in your own health, you can learn skills that will help to reduce pain, promote good health and well being, and learn positive responses to stress in your live. Research consistently show symptom reductions in:
  • Chronic pain and illness 
  • Heart disease
  • Life stress
  • Sleep upset
  • Auto immune disorders
  • Irritable bowel
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Pre and Post surgery stress
  • Organ transplant issues
  • Shyness
  • Psoriasis
Course Content is largely experiential, as it is in the practice that we gain the benefits. But includes;
  •  Mindfulness overview. 
  •  Present Moment awareness.
  •  My body – as a vehicle to mindfulness. 
  •  Attitudes of Mindfulness mindfulness of thoughts and emotions.
  •  The effects and management of stress.
  •  Mindful communication.
  •  Living life through the lens of mindfulness. 
How many sessions are there?
The course runs for 8 weekly sessions of 2.5 hour duration, coupled with a day long experiential seminar on the Saturday or Sunday usually between week six and seven.

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