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Past course participants feedback!
What they said.......

"I really enjoyed the course, I feel the deep connection I have with myself at the moment has filtered into all aspects of my life, thank you" MBSR 17. 

"There's a great range over the 8 weeks, always interesting, couldn't preempt what would come next. Everyone found a way to learn from a personal perspective. I would recommend the course to everyone. It builds a great skill set to live mindfully in all aspects of life." MBSR 17.

"Life changing practice, found everything helpful". MBSR 17

"It was just the best experience, I learnt so much about true healing, I can sit with my panic and anxiety and my stress levels just ease. I feel like a new person after the 8 weeks. "MBSR 17

 " Thank you so much, I have gotten so much from this course, each week I took away a little nugget and I feel I have really changed how I respond to the different situations I find myself in. I feel I will always use these skills from now on.  Oct 16.

"I liked your  assured ownership of the material and the poetry - I have nothing to add, it was superb! "   Oct 16.

Really enjoyed the course, it has helped me with stress and anxiety."   Oct 16.

" I am very pleased with the course, I found it very helpful, the best money I have spent! I got a lot from it." Oct 16.

" Teacher very good, interacted extremely well with the group, the course was very well thought out and presented."  Oct 16.

 " I found the course a great help during a most stressful time for me." Oct 16.  

“I found Noreen Kelly’s ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ course really superb. The course really got us to look within ourselves, in the most compassionate and non-judgmental means possible, to help us see the patterns of our thoughts, where there are coming from and, most importantly, how to acknowledge them without allow them to impact negatively upon our lives. I had little idea just how much of my “present” was really just ruminating on “what if” future scenarios or dwelling on the past, rather than observing and celebrating the real power of now.” 
(2016 Introductory Course)

"The MBSR course really helped me to see my life differently, to grow in myself in a way that really helps me every day." (2016 MBSR) 

"I did this course to help in my work, but found it helped me more than anything, made sense and I really got so much from it, hard to put into words.(2016 MBSR)  

"This course changed my life - I am pleased and encouraged by these changes! "
2014 (MBSR course)
"I found this a pathway to balance and self-acceptance"
2014 (MBSR course)
"I now realise that mindfulness is not an optional extra in my life but an essential " 2014 (MBSR course)
"You made each individual feel special and worthy of loving themselves and deserving to improve our lives." 2013
"Everything was very enlightening, keep sharing your calmness." 2013
"Very detailed and interesting course, you have a beautiful voice, tone and pace, so easy to listen to!" 2013
"I learnt a different way of coping with stress and being in touch with my feelings, you brought me and my daughter hope for the future. Thank you so much."  2013
"You are a marvelous teacher and an inspiration to us all, you have given me so much in such a short time." 2013
"Each night I learnt so much about myself, the content of each night was amazing." 2013
"It changed me as a person, for the better." 2011
"My blood pressure has come down." 2011
"The course was excellent, am struggling to find a negative." 2012
"I got a key to the present, I can now use this on a daily basis." 2012
"The meditations gave me a sense of calm for the rest of the day." 2011
 "I liked the total demeanor and attitude of our co-ordinator, who helped everyone to feel at ease with themselves." 2012

"You have lit a spark within me, I thank you for that." 2011
"The course reinforced the message that mindfulness is a great way to keep on track." 2012
"I felt energised after the meditations." 2012
"The course material, written and spoken was excellently presented." 2012
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